Test Results

Important: Advice to Patients

Please do not leave a sample at the surgery unless you have been asked to do so by one of our clinicians.

When to return your sample to the surgery

If one of our clinicians has asked you to provide a sample please return it to the surgery before 12 noon so that it can be collected that day by the specialist courier.  Most samples will not keep overnight and the test will have to be repeated.

How to return your sample to the surgery

Containers can be obtained from reception. Please do not use any other kind of container to keep your sample.

Containers must be labelled with your name, date of birth and date and time of the specimen. Most results are returned electronically throughout the day. 

Obtaining results of tests

If you have had a tests/x-rays organised through the surgery, depending upon the test, the results will usually be available within 5 days, although some take longer.   We ask patients to either access their results online, if that is enabled, or contact the surgery after 5 days for their results.

If you have had a test undertaken following a consultation at a hospital, you should contact the hospital for your result.  This will not be available through the surgery.

When the surgery will contact you

We will only contact you about your test results if there is any follow up action necessary.